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    I enrolled my son with Bill at Mission MMA about 3 months ago via a referral from a family friend. Bill is great with the kids. My son is having fun, but is also very focused on what Bill teaches during the sessions and is always eager to get to class. We are able to choose any two (or more) nights per week and even a Saturday session is available. To me, Bill seems to really care about furthering his students skills but in a very fun and well thought out way. A great balance between learning and enjoyment. I'm confident that the skills my son is learning will stay with him for years to come. Five stars for sure no doubt about it...really glad we found Mission MMA.

    Frank Galzarano
  • Kids Martial Arts near Kids Martial Arts

    My 2 oldest sons joined Mission on the 6 week promotion. Their mother and I wanted to make sure they'd like it before we made a commitment. They both loved it from the very start. Our boys are not big team sport fans.This class is perfect. They attend as many classes as we can get them to.The pace is well managed by the trainer, Bill who is experienced and knowledgeable. He runs his school with the stern patience of a well seasoned veteran.

    My boys talk and play more MMA today and less Fort Night and Call of Duty. They're asking about wrestling at school too and show no signs of losing interest. They even seem to follow instruction better at home. My thanks to Bill and Mission MMA.

    Edward Jr. Aguilar
  • My 6 year old son loves the classes and I find them to be great for discipline and structure. Unlike other sports, earning a higher belt gives him goals that are within reach and keeps him focused. I would highly recommend.

    Laney D.
  • I don't even know where to begin with how totally awesome this place is! My son was having trouble with bullies and self-esteem bc of the trouble with the bullies, but after one phone call and a few classes he is a new kid! I have both my boys in classes (one 13 one 9) and they love every second they are there. Thanks to Bill and Rob for being such wonderful coaches! If your child is having trouble with self-esteem or just needs a place to release some extra energy while learning respect for others, self respect, and self defense this is definitely the place to go!

    Nicole Cunane
  • This place is amazing. Top notch instructors who really know what they're doing and clearly are passionate about what they're teaching! Classes are fun, good for both beginners and experts, and just flat out really good workouts. They also have great children's classes if you're looking to get your kids involved in something positive. Seriously something for everyone here!

    Nelson L.
  • My son works out here in the kids class and he loves it. I've stayed to watch about a dozen of his classes and the coaches teach very well and really seem to get through to the kids. My son is a beginner and seems to be picking up on it quite fast and I feel coaching has a lot to do with it. The gym is clean and the staff is friendly. I've seen nothing but respect in student teacher relationships. My son really likes going and I believe he will stick with it and coaching has a lot to do with it. Highly recommended for any age.

    Steve Radie
  • I can't say enough good things about Mission MMA! My daughter just turned 4 and I signed her up for the kids karate program. I was nervous because this is something totally new to her and I. The coaches are GREAT with her! She is picking everything up so quickly all thanks to the amazing coaching team! They work so well with the children! They know us both by name and we are greeted every time we walk in the door! My daughter is excited for class on Wednesday and Saturdays and can't wait to go. She's becoming more focused and following directions. If you are considering putting your little one in karate, look no further! Great price. Great facility. Great coaches! You really can't beat it!

    Mallory Kelly
  • Great gym, great people! I started coming in January of 2013 and haven't stopped. Fitness classes and martial arts classes are awesome at all levels. I had no prior martial arts experience-age 37-and started learning BJJ. I cannot believe I waited so long to try martial arts. I'll attend the strength and conditioning classes too. Rob always keeps you guessing with the workouts. This is the place to be if you want to be challenged and have a great time. My only warning is that attending classes here is addictive!!!

    Jay F.
  • Great training facility with extremely helpful and thorough instructors. I can tell that progress is their main focus, even if your not a quick learner or in top physical condition. Definitely worth every penny!

    Jess Santapau

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